بست FGR or Staube Flex, Flex E


FGR FLEX /FLEX E pipe couplings are used for connecting restrained pipes, metal pipes, stainless pipes, as well as concrete and plastic pipes. With FGR Flex/Flex E pipe couplings sealing reliability is also ensured when there are gaps between pipe ends which are compensated. Given outside pipe diameters of > 180 mm the FLEX type is suitable for high pressure and the FLEX E type for low pressure applications. Flex E coupling is used for connectiong restrained pipes, metal pipes, stainless pipes, as well as concrete and plastic pipes. This is a hollow trunnions version.

Advantages: Compensation of pipe gaps allows thermal elongation of the pipes, Joining all kind of pipe materials is possible, e.g., for steel, plastic, cast iron, etc.


FGR Pipe Coupling are economical alternative to conventional pipe joining techniques for both plastic and metal pipes. All plain – ended pipes can be joined easily by hand. The ready-to-fit coupling is pushed over the pipe ends and then aligned and rotated to any fitting position. Tightening the two bolts alternately with a torque wrench is all it takes to make a safe fitting.

FGR Pipe Coupling is a reliable connection for thick- and thin- and walled pipes which conforms to the latest DIN standard 86128. Feed and return lines for liquids, gases, and solids (for mechanical engineering and construction, civil engineering, shipbuilding, pipeline construction, power stations, mining, filters, water technology, etc.) are joined quickly, easily and safely using FGR pipe couplings.

Additional Information


26.9 mm – 1219.1 mm

Working Pressure:

70.0 – 4.0 bar


AISI 304, AISI 316 Ti


Sizes from 26.9 mm up to 168.3 mm: – 30 °C up to + 125 °C
Sizes > 180.0 mm: – 20 °C up to + 80 °C


from – 20 °C up to + 80 °C