شیر ربع گرد برنجی


Brass Mini Ball Valve use a spherical disc to control the flow between pipes, tubes, or hoses. Flow is allowed when the hole that pierces the ball-shaped disc is in line with the inlet and outlet of the valve and is blocked when the ball is horizontally swiveled 90 degrees, so that the hole of the ball is perpendicular to the opening of the valve.


Brass Mini Ball Valve

  • Brass mini ball valve body: Forged brass single piece
  • Ball: Forged brass Hard chrome plated mirror smooth finish
  • Stem Seals: Double “O” rings
  • Handle: Nylon
  • Pressure Rating: Fluids 40Kg
  • Temperature Rating: Fluids -15℃  to +100 ℃
  • Features: simple construcion, easy maintenance, small fluid resistance, suitable for regular operations, lightweight