شیر توپی RN برنجی


Ball valves are suitable for general water services, heating, air conditioning plants, compressed air systems.



To open or close the valve, turn the handle 1/4 turn (90 degrees)

  1. In open position – the handle rotation is counterclockwise and the handle is parallel with the valve.
  2. In close position – the handle rotation is clockwise and the handle is perpendicular with the valve.

Threaded End Ball Valve

  1. Make sure all surfaces are clear and free of debris on the piping connection.
  2. Use teflon tape or approved sealant is recommended.
  3. Prepare two smooth-jawed adjustable wrenches when installing the valve. A loosely fitting pipe wrench can distort the valve and causes a leak.
  4. Apply one wrench on the hex nearest the joint being tightened to prevent breaking the seal between the end cap and body of the valve.