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Universal Air Coupling is designed for arin and water service and provides a quick connection between two lengths of hose; or length of hose and a male or female NPT outlet. In sizes 1/4 inch to 1 inch all heads are the same and are interchangeable regardless of the hose shank or NPT thread size. Connections made by pressing the two heads together and applying a quarter-turn. The locking pin is placed in the hose to provide a safe connection.



Limitations for Universal Coupling Hose End:

Universal Air Couplings have a maximum pressure rating of 110 PSI


Safety pins, clips or wires should always be installed in couplings. The universal fitting should never be used for steam service.

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Additional Information


1/4" to 2"

Standard Material

3 optional materials bluish or yellow carbon steel, stainless steel, and brass

Sealing Materials

Standard Black NBR for plated steel and brass couplings, and Green FPM for stainless steel ones