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Breeze Constant Torque style hose clamps feature a series of special washers that allow the clamp diameter to expand and contract slightly with changes in pressure. This means the hose clamp maintains a constant torque on the hose and a nice, tight seal, even during pressure cycles.


Constant torque hose clamps general information

Many hose clamps, used on the heating and cooling systems are of the constant torque type.They are worm-drive, and provided with a series of spring washers. They feature an extended integral liner that covers the band slots, protectiong the silicone hoses from damages. The liner also helps maintaining a consistent sealing pressure. The constant torque hose clamp is designed to automatically adjust its diameter to compensate for the normal expansion and construction of hose and tubing during vehicle operation and shutdown. Coolant losses are virtually eliminated and clamp maintenance is greatly minimized.

Adjusting constant torque clamp

Since the constant torque clamp is self-adjusting to keep a consistent sealing pressure, there ir no need to retorque the hose clamp on a regular basis. When the tip of the screw is extending out of the housing, by the correct amount, the clamp is properly installed and maintains a leak proof connection. Proper torque installation should be checked at room temperature.