بست آلومینیو – دو قلو


RN Series B tube clamps (according to DIN 3015 Part 3) are available as a twin tube clamp in five standard sizes for normal mechanical requirements. The clamp body is available in a square/open design. Other components are welding plates, rail supports, cover plates and construction types. Clamp halves with different diameters are only possible when used together.

Benefits of RN tube clamps:

The function of tube clamps is the fixing of straight tubes, bent tubes and hoses, the broad product range of Parker tube clamps helps to find a solution for all requests and therefore extends the range of applications.

Their notable features are re-set capability, high tensile strength, very high abrasion resistance and excellent resistance to cold. This range of features enlarges the number of possible applications and stretches the life-cycle of tube clamps.


Automotive, Defence, Energy, Environment, Industrial, Infrastructure, Machine, Tools, Material Handlings, Mobile, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Process, Transportation, Water